Email Marketing For E-Commerce

Email Marketing helps you boost online sales using simple automation to make it easy. If your goal is to build a long term sustainable online store that uses automation then wait no further and take this course now!

What You'll Learn 

  • Set up professional email marketing account for free.
  • Complete guide to creating content that your list will love
  • How to turn an email marketing into an automatic system to sell products


  • An Internet Connection And A Laptop/Computer
  • An E-Commerce Store (Preferably Shopify)
  • Determination To Succeed As An Online Entrepreneur


Email Marketing helps you boost online sales using simple automation to make it easy.

It is important to realize that a business cannot rely on paid traffic forever and it is important to build a solid backbone structure for consistent growth without any hurdles - email marketing is what professional marketers use to achieve this goal. While other marketing channels like social media might fade away - email is a foundational piece of online life. 

Almost 205 billion emails are sent each day. Many are business related. Learn how you can grab a piece of this gigantic email marketing pie by taking this detailed course. With over 2 hours worth of valuable video lectures, the course covers -

  • Simple Tools & Techniques To Allow Your Store To Start Collecting Emails Instantly!
  • Top Strategies To Acquire Email Leads That Experts Never Reveal!
  • The Complete Guide To Automating Your Emails So That Your Sales SKYROCKET While You Sit & Watch
  • The Right Format To Create & Structure Emails So That They Have The Highest Engagement Rate
  • Find Out How Often You Should Email Your Subscribers To Get The Highest Open Rate
  • High Quality Copywriting Lessons To Create Emails That Convert Into Sales
  • Analyzing Emails To Improve Them In The Future - Learning From Your Mistakes!

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Afsar Ahmed
Afsar Ahmed completed his B.S.C in C.S.E from CUET. Then he went to the USA for higher studies. He got his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from a renowned university there and gathered in-depth knowledge in Software Development. Then he worked in a Software Company as a Software Engineer in Michigan state for a few years. After gathering practical knowledge, he came back to Bangladesh. Now he is working as a Software Engineer at Newgen Technology Ltd. He has a keen interest in Enterprise Architecture, and Frameworks, Big Data Analytics and Data Mining, Algorithms, Computer Security, etc.