What Makes Learnerscafe LMS Great?

Integrated Video Conferencing System for Online Live Class

One of the prime features of Learnerscafe LMS is Online Live classroom, where we integrate our own in-built video conferencing system so that users don’t need any third-party tools. Our integrated video conferencing tool helps to conduct interactive online class with one on one communication, group study, and many more. Instructor can use the black/white board while they will take online classes. It also has two-way writing control, live class recording features etc.

Dynamic Attendance System

Dynamic Attendance System is another feature of Learnerscafe LMS. It has digital attendance capability for sending the invitation as a pop up button and after pressing the button instructor can easily get the participation rate of the student.

Academic Calendar (Event Management)

Academic Calendar is a great way to view everything such as one’s to do list, courses in one place. Student and instructor/teacher can view calendar events by day, week, month, or agenda list.

Online Notice Board

Through online notice board every user from their perspective sides have the ability to view the important notice according to their needs.

Class Scheduling

Admin and instructors can easily create the class schedule for the student.

Course Management

Learnerscafe LMS experts are here 24/7 to ensure the speediest and most frictionless interactions.

Content Sharing

Learners and instructors can share any kind of content like audio, video, document etc

Report Generation

Learnerscafe LMS’s reporting system helps the organization and student to easily understand the effectiveness of the course content and evaluate if there is a need of any modification to the current course.

Analytical Dashboard

Analytical dashboard of Learnerscafe LMS helps every user (Four user types) to watch the entire overview of this LMS in an infographic way from their perspective view. Pie charts, line charts, bar charts, column, bubble radar etc. are used for representing different statistics regarding the whole system

Internal Communication through Audio, Video & Text

Learnerscafe LMS offers different internal modes of communication like audio, video, chat, email, forums etc. to increase the engagement to the users.

Online Quiz

Through the quiz activity of Learnerscafe LMS, instructor can design and set quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, among these multiple choices, true -false, fill in the blanks and short answer questions are remarkable. Quizzes are useful to keep learners up to date with reading and lecture material.


An assignment in a course can be delivered to learners at appropriate time through our LMS. Learners or instructors don’t need to wait for a face to face meeting or send out the assignment in a manner which may cause problems such as mass email or in a forum.


Instructor can save a lot of time by using our LMS to create online exams. The exams are graded automatically as per exam schedule and instructor will receive a notification when someone completes a course or exam.

Grading & Result Sheet

Grading & result sheet is the way to rate or evaluate the performance of a student or a learner within a given course or a set of courses. It allows learners to set the bar for what is an acceptable level of performance.


Users can get different kinds of notifications according to their roles (admin, instructor, student) in the system.