Frequently Ask Questions

Experts of Leanerscafe LMS are giving you the most relevant answers!

What is Learnerscafe LMS?

Learnerscafe LMS is a SaaS based e-learning management solution. It facilitates distance learning, and improve productivity of learners. School, College, Universities, public and private organizations can be benefited by Learnerscafe LMS, a fully integrated and robust system.

Why should I choose Learnerscafe LMS?

Learnerscafe LMS provides real value to educational institution and modern organizations through elearning. Learnerscafe LMS makes effective usage of your time and maximizes the learning output. To do so we have eliminated a lot of the fancy but unnecessary functionality, enforced an aesthetic integrity on content presentation. We use our own in-build video conferencing system to run online live class without any 3rd party video conferencing tool. Other international standard features are also incorporated in our LMS. Our LMS is totally frictionless and hassle-free system.

Is this Learnerscafe LMS free?

Learnerscafe LMS has both free trial and paid versions. Paid version has basic, advance and premium features which are not accessible in the free version.

Is it secure?

Yes, it is as secure as it gets. All data is transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel. People cannot share your material if they want.

Can I give certifications for completed courses?

Yes. You can assign a certification to a course. Each user that completes the course will get the related certification.

Can I communicate with other users?

Yes. Learnerscafe LMS has an internal communication system which is very effective for the users. Through audio, video and chat you can communicate with other users. You can also send direct messages to individuals or groups of users. You can also setup automated emails to be sent to end users on special events (for example, you can send a 'congratulations' email every time a user gets a certification).

Where can I get support?

You can contact with our support team through mail and live chat. You can also get support by posting your issues on Learnerscafe LMS support forum.

Do you have any installation or setup service?

No. As it is a SaaS product you don’t need any installation or set up. After registration, you will simply get a user id and password then you can login the system.

Do you have any android or iOS application?

Yes. For better using you can get the app from playstore and app store.

Can I share my username and password with your team?

Yes, you can. But we recommend you not to share your live website’s password with anybody. You can share password of your demo website.

How long do I have support access?

It depends on your subscription plan. You will have access to support and updates as long as you are with our LMS. It will be calculated from the day of purchase.

How can I purchase Learnerscafe LMS?

You can purchase a subscription of Learnerscafe LMS by using a credit card or by entering into a contract with Learnerscafe LMS team.

Do I have to pay monthly or yearly?

You can customize your payment scheme monthly, yearly or periodically.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by reaching out to Learnerscafe LMS support team. The cancellation terms as noted in the Terms and Conditions or Contract would apply.

How can I activate the Free Trial?

You can start your free trial by visiting and clicking on “Start Free Trial” button.

Is there an expiration of the Free Trial?

A Free trial gives you a 15 days access to Learnerscafe LMS