Learnerscafe LMS, the best upcoming LMS in 2021 …. Copy

Learnerscafe LMS, the best upcoming LMS in 2021
After spending several months, our learning management system (LMS), Learnerscafe, is ready to launch. We did a lot of R&D, compared our Learnerscafe LMS with other LMS, prioritized features, planned courses and learning tracks, now we are eager to show off what you’ve created. We are quite sure about that, Learnescafe LMS will be the best upcoming LMS in 2021.

Learnerscafe LMS is an upgraded and integrated SaaS-based e-learning management system. School, College, Universities, public and private organizations can be benefited by Learnerscafe LMS. It is the product of Babylon Resources Limited, a leading software development, IT consulting and service provider of Bangladesh. We connect a deep understanding of education with the power of technology to continuously push the boundaries of learning. To fulfill the demand of gathering a world-class learning experience, Learnerscafe LMS is undoubtedly a reliable and cohesive Learning Management System. Our flexible and integrated LMS will enable everyone to extend online learning, and optimize learning outcomes.

Learnerscafe LMS is very much user-friendly as it is well-accessible through mobile, tablets, laptop or desktop from anytime anywhere. Its intuitive UI and UX design will be very useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with its user. No matter if there arise any unusual consequences, if the students and teachers are in the classroom or at home, Learnerscafe LMS will provide communication tools to connect the students and teachers to avoid disruption in study. The system is dedicated to establish a technology enhanced outcome based education which will meet the demand for human resources in any situation.

Learnerscafe LMS has a wide variety of features:
Integrated Video Conferencing Tool
Digital Attendance
Academic Calendar (Event Management)
Class Schedule Management
Course Management
Class Content Management
Content Sharing
Online Quiz
Email, SMS & Notification
Blog (Student& Teacher)
Group Study (Online Chat)
Online Class (Video + Audio)
Grade Sheet/Result
Through Learnerscafe LMS, Babylon Resources Limited is aimed to standardize learning by making premium e-learning technology accessible and affordable to any educational institution or organization worldwide. By simply activating a single setting, users can enable this distraction- free experience which will be very easy to use. A dedicated virtual learning environment is provided through Learnerscafe LMS which is unmatched across the e-learning industry.